Air Charter

Safe Fly Express is the superior air charter company in South Africa for business travel, luxury vacations, emergency medical equipment and cargo transport.

As an air charter company, Safe Fly Express provides private, customised air transportation services to individuals, corporations, and other organisations for various purposes. Our services cater to diverse needs and budgets, from corporate travel to luxury vacations.

By chartering an aircraft through Safe Fly Express, our clients are provided greater flexibility, privacy, and convenience than when using commercial airlines. Our clients can choose the aircraft type, departure and arrival locations, flight schedules, and other details based on their needs and preferences.

Safe Fly Express is a professional air charter company regulated by official aviation agencies operated by various companies.

Accommodation & Transport

Safe Fly Express provides a comprehensive range of pilot training courses, including accommodation and transport.

Aspiring pilots must consider their accommodation options when planning their training, as it can impact their overall experience and success in the program. Suitable accommodation can help students to stay focused, rested, and prepared for their training.

Pilot training accommodation is arranged for student pilots at our flight school. This is especially suitable for students who need to relocate to attend a training program temporarily. Our convenient accommodation includes amenities such as cleaning, Wi-Fi, and transport to and from the training facility.

Why use
SafeFly Express?

Our air cargo service guarantees same-day delivery anywhere within South Africa! We can also provide unscheduled flights with a minimum lead time of three hours to prepare and commence the flight. These factors set us apart from our competition.

Pilot Training

In addition to our private charter flights and cargo services, Safe Fly Express also offers flight training for aspiring pilots. Our flight training involves a combination of classroom instruction and practical flight training. We provide a range of recognised pilot training courses from the Private Pilot’s License (PPL) to an Airline Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL) and additional shorter courses to enhance the pilot’s skills and knowledge.

Our Partners

Our Team

  • Mohammed Azzam

    Mohammed graduated in Egypt with a Masters’ Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Hospital Management. He then came to South Africa to pursue his dream of being a pilot completing his Commercial License in less than eight months, with 1300 flying hours.

  • Omar Alyounsi
    Operations Manager

    Omar worked in multiple businesses in Turkey, gaining significant experience in the business field at a very young age. He then came to South Africa to pursue his dream of being a pilot. He now successfully runs the airfreight operations at Safe Fly Express, being one of the youngest in this field.

  • Seif Ahmed
    Head of Training

    Sief graduated from the Sultanate of Oman when he was 18 years. He then moved to South Africa to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot. In less than a year, at the age of 19, he became one of the youngest Pilot Instructors in South Africa with 1100 flying hours.

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