Air Freight & Logistics

Air freight and logistics are essential for global trade and commerce, allowing businesses to transport goods quickly and efficiently over long distances. Using air freight and logistics can help businesses reduce lead times, improve supply chain efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in the global market.

Air freight and logistics refer to the air transportation of goods and products and the supply management chain involved in this process. Our clients pack, label and deliver the cargo to us, where we load the goods onto the cargo aircraft, transport them by air, and then unload them at the destination. Logistics refers to the management of the supply chain involved in transporting the cargo, including the planning, coordination, and execution of various activities such as transportation, warehousing, and inventory management. In the context of air freight, logistics involves managing the transportation of goods by air, including planning routes and schedules, handling customs and regulatory requirements, and coordinating various logistics providers, such as freight forwarders and ground handlers. However, air freight and logistics can also be costly, and businesses must carefully balance the benefits of using air freight with the associated costs and risks. Safe Fly Express offers transparent pricing models suited to our clients’ budgets.

We provide air transport for the following cargo:

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Our air cargo service guarantees same-day delivery anywhere within South Africa! We can also provide unscheduled flights with a minimum lead time of three hours to prepare and commence the flight. These factors set us apart from our competition.

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Safe Fly Express offers transparent pricing models
suited to our clients’ budgets.